ICTER Guru Journals

ICTER Guru is pleased to announce it start with a number of peer-reviewed online journals (all with E-ISSN numbers that are under process). Here are the list of ICTER Guru Journal titles and fields.

ICTER Guru Journal of Science, Technology and Engineering StudiesScience, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics Education
ICTER Guru Journal of Technology in Education
ICTER Guru Journal of Business Studies & AdministrationAccounting, Management, Marketing, Finance and Banking, Traditional Marketing, Multilevel Marketing, Trade, and eCommerce
ICTER Guru Journal of Educational Management and ResearchTeaching and learning, curriculum design, Educational Theory, Language Study, Educational Management, Child Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education, Distance Education
ICTER Guru Journal of English Language and LiteratureEnglish language, ELT, EFL, ELF, ESL, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, English literature, Comparative literature
ICTER Guru Journal of Asian & International StudiesHistory, Sociology, Colonialism, Post-Colonialism, Literature, Literary theories and Bangladesh Studies
ICTER Guru Journal of Humanities and Social ScienceAll areas of Arts, Humanities and Social Science
ICTER Guru Journal of Social & Scientific Paradigm in IslamAll areas of Islamic religion including Quran, Sunnah, Hadith, Fiqh, Izma, and Qiash.